Raising a Ginger

Tina's Playhouse

ImageSpit fire. Carrot Top. Big Red.

I have heard them all.

No, I am not a red-head but I am the mother of one and it was not uncommon for an adult to approach my daughter, with their arm outstretched, hankering for at least a light grazing of her fiery locks. She would smile every time and of course this elicited yet another squeal of adoration from the admirer.

I am not sure if this is what encouraged my Courtney to ‘entertain’ or if it was just something inherited in the “amber-hued gene pool” but she sure knows how to work a room. Now, granted, it takes a little bit before she gets to know you before she lets you in to her wacky world but, when she does,get ready for something fun. This is where I began to keep track of her quips and share some on Facebook with…

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