Negative Effect of Social Media.

Mourad Ventures

Negative Effect of Social Media.

A young girl around the age of thirteen went missing in the Detroit area. Her grandparents said that she would use the “tagged” app constantly. This app allows you to share or “tag” yourself at particular locales of where you are. Our strange and unpredictable world has individuals that prey on young unsuspecting girls. As awful as this is, the technology that we have makes it very easy to stalk and follow people. Now parental guidance also comes into play. Whoever is the guardian must lay down ground rules and explain the dangers of the technology. You never know who is following you and in all seriousness no one really cares where you are tagging in. It is not that important. Just use a phone and relay the message of where you are. There is no need to be a walking beacon in this crazy world. For more info on…

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