Which Screen is better…IPAD OR TV?


It’s amazing these are the questions we are asking. An ipad or televison, i vote that your kid should just go outside and play. Go run around and burn energy rather than sit on your butt and look at a screen.

Parents, I cannot say this enough, YOU ARE THE CATALYST! You are the driving factor behind what you allow your child to do. If you are actually wondering which is better for your child, (tablet or tv), then my good care giver then you should take a step back and ask yourself, “Am I allowing my kid to just sit around with this technology”?

It is not bad to have your child play on a tablet, iPad, or watch tv here and there. I am just saying it’s bad to allow an excessive amount of each. It is cheaper to let your child go involve themselves outdoors than in apps. Check this story out too.


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