More Money…More Ignorance

More Money...More Ignorance

In the NFL there is a common misconception that everyone that plays is a murderer, thug, or have some sort of criminal background..except for the kickers. This could stem from most of the athletes who are black may have come from a bad neighborhood or a tough city. This does not mean that they were involved in criminal activity or are even remotely close to being a bad guy.

But we always have bad seeds that spoils the entire bunch. In the off-season players get time to spend with their family and friends before summer camp begins to where they go back to their nine month work schedule. Some players just have it stuck in their mind that they are millionaires and they can do whatever they want whenever they want to. This is not how the law is supposed to work and it will not work like this especially for sub-par athletes. There is a god-like complex that over comes their common sense to where what they do is nowhere common of a millionaire.

Recently I was surfing the web and I decided to check the NFL World on ESPN. And here we go fufilling the stereotype. The first three headlines ( which included William Moore, Rolando McClain and famous broadcaster AL Michaels) all ended with “jail”. This is amazing you can be blessed with unbelievable talent that is showcased for the world and have a billion dollar industry interested in having you perform and represent them. And how do you repay that organization…you go out and attack people, be involved in shootings, and drive drunk. That is a huge slap in the face. But since this is America, home of the wrist slaps, nothing will happen besides a suspension.

I think I just wish that the entire world could be even for justice’s sake. There is no integrity involved in the way we go about prosecuting and charging people with money. You cannot tell me that “average Joe” can go around assaulting people and get a week of jail time to where he loses no money. Average Joe will still be in jail paying outstanding fees and facing a lot of jail time. No way is it fair but I guess if the world was fair then it would not be our world… it would be..perfect.


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