Take Responsibility Parents and Children


Take Responsibility Parents and Children

The number of deaths that occur while texting surpassed the drunk driving annual death total. Both texting and drunk driving have the same implications, which is being distracted while driving. Parents need to sit down and talk to their kids about both issues. There is no reason why parents cannot explain to their kids the potential risks of participating in these dangers.

Although parents may explain the issues of the dangers for the texting while driving. Teens, you need to take responsibility while driving. Any text can wait, I guarantee it is not worth your life just to send a message. If texting overrides driver’s responsibility then their license needs to be shredded. Putting others in danger for a lack of responsibility is not fair to anyone. Imagine you veering off into traffic from texting and you kill someone. You live and they die…you have to live with that on your conscious for life and on top of that you could have injured yourself plus face jail time. For What? A Text? How smart is that?

If you are drunk call someone to pick you up and if you need to text pull over or just wait until you get to the destination…or even have someone text for you… No text is worth any loss of life.


Boston Marathon Conspiracies

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I can understand the research that many devote their life to attempt to figure out the true evils that our government can do to undermine the people of the United States. Most of the claims made by conspirators have been debunked and flat out have no support but these standout click the link above to see what I am talking about. I hope that these are false and our government would not create a “terror propaganda” to show that we have pride in our nation. Everyone knows every time a disaster happens something is triggered to where we show our pride in the red, white, and blue. 

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More Money…More Ignorance


More Money...More Ignorance

In the NFL there is a common misconception that everyone that plays is a murderer, thug, or have some sort of criminal background..except for the kickers. This could stem from most of the athletes who are black may have come from a bad neighborhood or a tough city. This does not mean that they were involved in criminal activity or are even remotely close to being a bad guy.

But we always have bad seeds that spoils the entire bunch. In the off-season players get time to spend with their family and friends before summer camp begins to where they go back to their nine month work schedule. Some players just have it stuck in their mind that they are millionaires and they can do whatever they want whenever they want to. This is not how the law is supposed to work and it will not work like this especially for sub-par athletes. There is a god-like complex that over comes their common sense to where what they do is nowhere common of a millionaire.

Recently I was surfing the web and I decided to check the NFL World on ESPN. And here we go fufilling the stereotype. The first three headlines ( which included William Moore, Rolando McClain and famous broadcaster AL Michaels) all ended with “jail”. This is amazing you can be blessed with unbelievable talent that is showcased for the world and have a billion dollar industry interested in having you perform and represent them. And how do you repay that organization…you go out and attack people, be involved in shootings, and drive drunk. That is a huge slap in the face. But since this is America, home of the wrist slaps, nothing will happen besides a suspension.

I think I just wish that the entire world could be even for justice’s sake. There is no integrity involved in the way we go about prosecuting and charging people with money. You cannot tell me that “average Joe” can go around assaulting people and get a week of jail time to where he loses no money. Average Joe will still be in jail paying outstanding fees and facing a lot of jail time. No way is it fair but I guess if the world was fair then it would not be our world… it would be..perfect.

The World We Live In

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The World We Live In

Well I wanted to speak on this issue earlier in March but I didn’t get around to it. If you are an emotional person and are easily offended..continue to read to be emotional and offended.

So Oberlin College has been under fire from tyrants who believe racism is the way of life. This is a place for education but these people believe that ignorance will prevail in a place of learning. Some person wore a KKK outfit in front of the african american and cultural center. This is not the first sign of racism on the campus. Graffiti tailored towards african americans, gays, chinese, and jewish people were very prominent on the campus.

Writing things like, “nigger and faggot” center is no way to conduct yourself. What in the hell are you thinking? A person is made equal, there is not one person that is better than another. You all…

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Which Screen is better…IPAD OR TV?


It’s amazing these are the questions we are asking. An ipad or televison, i vote that your kid should just go outside and play. Go run around and burn energy rather than sit on your butt and look at a screen.

Parents, I cannot say this enough, YOU ARE THE CATALYST! You are the driving factor behind what you allow your child to do. If you are actually wondering which is better for your child, (tablet or tv), then my good care giver then you should take a step back and ask yourself, “Am I allowing my kid to just sit around with this technology”?

It is not bad to have your child play on a tablet, iPad, or watch tv here and there. I am just saying it’s bad to allow an excessive amount of each. It is cheaper to let your child go involve themselves outdoors than in apps. Check this story out too.

Monitor Your Kid’s online reputation


Monitor Your Kid's online reputation

Most parent’s probably have never “googled” their child’s name . By kids..meaning ages 13-18 in this matter, they have a bad habit of posting pictures and videos on every social media website that exists. No matter if it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Youtube everything that your child uploads on the internet will remain there forever.

This in fact..hold on spoiler alert! can damage the teens opportunity to get a potential job after high school or while in high school and can even result and the teen getting denied to colleges. Many Universities check social media sites to screen who they are letting into their program. If the person is uploading whatever they feel after high school while they are an adult in college this could ruin the chances of them getting their dream job.

To get to the point, parent’s take time to actually see what your kids are up to. Sit down with them and let them know they have a future ahead of them so don’t let a few pictures and videos ruin they’re future.

Negative Effect of Social Media.

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Negative Effect of Social Media.

A young girl around the age of thirteen went missing in the Detroit area. Her grandparents said that she would use the “tagged” app constantly. This app allows you to share or “tag” yourself at particular locales of where you are. Our strange and unpredictable world has individuals that prey on young unsuspecting girls. As awful as this is, the technology that we have makes it very easy to stalk and follow people. Now parental guidance also comes into play. Whoever is the guardian must lay down ground rules and explain the dangers of the technology. You never know who is following you and in all seriousness no one really cares where you are tagging in. It is not that important. Just use a phone and relay the message of where you are. There is no need to be a walking beacon in this crazy world. For more info on…

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