Or, You Could Just Pay Them A Livable Wage and Treat Them With Respect


Or, You Could Just Pay Them A Livable Wage and Treat Them With Respect

McDonald’s tells workers to “sing away stress,” “chew away cares” and go to church.



Mourad Ventures


I think I may have reverse luck. By this I mean the things that are supposed to create “bad luck” creates “good luck” for me. Yesterday, I was driving to class and a black cat crossed my path. Now you may think, “OH NO! BAD LUCK FOR THE DAY! :o”

If anything my luck was the best it has been in quite some time. After this occurred, I found ten dollars in my car, i got to class early and was released early, I got an extra fry when I ordered food, and I actually got a nap. I do not know if you all understand the significance of me getting a nap. I have three jobs, school, and a newborn and I was able to sleep for two hours before class. Not to mention that it was 60 degrees and sunny in Mid-Michigan.

That black cat was wonderful, the…

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Electric Kicker

Mourad Ventures

Well we have some kind hearted people out there after all. The organization, Uncharted Play wants to raise money to help out poverty stricken areas of the world. They have created a soccer ball that doubles as a generator as well. The ball harnesses energy as you kick, throw, and roll the soccer ball around. The ball can provide power to light three lamps for three hours. This is an amazing and useful creation.


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