It’s beginning to look a lot like…..flu seasooooooon!!


Suck it up kid…geesh, it’s just a poke.

That’s what is in your mind when you take your child to the doctor for a shot. However, what you actually SAY is “everything will be fine” or “be brave” all while your little angel turns into Regan from The Exorcist. Well, here are a few tips I found to  help the visit for the flu shot go a little smoother. And no, shots of vodka for mommy are not on the list. Sorry. They may help you thanks to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles for these little nuggets of helpfulness:

Playing “Good” Parent vs. “Bad” Nurse or Doctor

Telling your child that the doctor or nurse is “bad” or “mean” could ultimately result in their distrust of health care providers.  You may want to explain to your son or daughter that any treatment given to them by their doctor and nurse is out of concern for their health.

It also helps to focus on the small things that were done to make your child feel better. Try saying one of the following:

  • “Thank you, Nurse Laurie, for caring so much about Linda and trying to keep her healthy.”  
  • “Thank you, Nurse Laurie, for caring so much about Linda and giving her such a nice Band-Aid and sticker.”

Taking Ownership of the Band-Aids

One strategy parents can use is to have the child bring special Band-Aids to put on after the shot, such as bandages featuring a favorite cartoon character.

Keeping Your Cool

In my previous post, I included a list of emotional don’ts for parents to remember during and after the doctor’s visit. Using a parent’s calming physical presence, some children prefer to sit in the parent’s lap for the shot.

If your child does not want to sit for the shot, you may be very clear and offer the child 2 choices only. This limits the child’s options, but allows them to feel in control of the decision.  The offer can go something like this:

“Shelli, there are only 2 choices. You can sit on the chair for the shot or you can sit on my lap.”

Distraction During the Appointment

When you arrive for the appointment, distract your child.  Bring a book to read, a coloring book, a handheld video game, or play a game of “I Spy.”

When the shot is over…

Maintain your calm, matter-of-fact attitude. It’s OK to give your child a big hug and kiss, and maybe take your child out for a small treat. 

I recommend keeping the treat small and not making a big deal about the appointment.  Making a bigger deal can mean that your child may try to barter for a treat every time they have a routine doctor’s visit. However, celebrating a successful trip to go get shots would be a great excuse to take your child to the park for a day of fun!



ht_lego_female_scientist_ll_130904_16x9_608It’s about damn time!

Trouble Waking Up

Mourad Ventures

Here is a cool gadget that will get you up and ready to accomplish whatever tasks you have set for the day. This alarm clock is a robot that actually dances around to the music that is synced with it. The alarm is i-pod compatible and this robot is not a one trick pony, there are brain games amongst other activities included in the bot. Your children can play with the gadget and the robot can aid your kid to sleep acting as a nightlight and relaying soothing music is amongst it attributes. Click the video and be amazed.

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Ways to get balance in your life…


Which Screen is better…IPAD OR TV?


It’s amazing these are the questions we are asking. An ipad or televison, i vote that your kid should just go outside and play. Go run around and burn energy rather than sit on your butt and look at a screen.

Parents, I cannot say this enough, YOU ARE THE CATALYST! You are the driving factor behind what you allow your child to do. If you are actually wondering which is better for your child, (tablet or tv), then my good care giver then you should take a step back and ask yourself, “Am I allowing my kid to just sit around with this technology”?

It is not bad to have your child play on a tablet, iPad, or watch tv here and there. I am just saying it’s bad to allow an excessive amount of each. It is cheaper to let your child go involve themselves outdoors than in apps. Check this story out too.

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