As American as Apple Pie?


As American as Apple Pie?

If you’re an avid listener of the show, it’s no secret to you that, despite now living in Loon’s country, I’m a die-hard West Michigan Whitecaps fan! Since I was 5, I’ve watched numerous future Tigers start their professional careers at 5/3 (Old Kent) Ballpark. I’ve also seen the park devise many (mostly successful) marketing strategies to get butts in seats.

Few caught on like the 5/3 Burger that debuted on Opening Day 2009. While I never had the stones to try this burger (Come on it’s huge! And there are only like 50 things on it that I would never eat!), I watched the first few people complete the challenge. Hell…I don’t even remember what happened on the field that night! My ‘Caps may have outdone themselves this time, however. For opening day 2013, fans voted in the latest culinary creation to grace the Midwest League…the Baco Taco. From the inside, everything looks pretty normal: Cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and guac, if you please. However, the weaved bacon shell might raise your eyebrows (or maybe your cholesterol)!

You can read a full article about the taco here.

Terrifying? Absolutely. But this also has the potential to be the greatest thing ever! Ever since working for 5/3 Ballpark back in ’06, I’ve sworn off stadium food (not scared of germs, it’s about taste), but when I go to opening weekend in April, this might just be on my menu. And look at the bright side…there’s finally a good option for low-carb dieters at the ballpark!

Who’s trying the Baco Taco with me???