Or, You Could Just Pay Them A Livable Wage and Treat Them With Respect


Or, You Could Just Pay Them A Livable Wage and Treat Them With Respect

McDonald’s tells workers to “sing away stress,” “chew away cares” and go to church.


The Most Hateful of Tweets


The Most Hateful of Tweets

Humboldt State University in California conducted a study and found that the most hateful Tweets published in the U.S. overwhelmingly come from the eastern half of the country.

The World We Live In

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The World We Live In

Well I wanted to speak on this issue earlier in March but I didn’t get around to it. If you are an emotional person and are easily offended..continue to read to be emotional and offended.

So Oberlin College has been under fire from tyrants who believe racism is the way of life. This is a place for education but these people believe that ignorance will prevail in a place of learning. Some person wore a KKK outfit in front of the african american and cultural center. This is not the first sign of racism on the campus. Graffiti tailored towards african americans, gays, chinese, and jewish people were very prominent on the campus.

Writing things like, “nigger and faggot” center is no way to conduct yourself. What in the hell are you thinking? A person is made equal, there is not one person that is better than another. You all…

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Want to Be Part of the NFL? Better come straight!


Want to Be Part of the NFL? Better come straight!

The NFL is under fire after many teams have asked potential players about their sexual orientation and relationship statuses. Why should this be apart of the interview? It has nothing to do with running, catching a ball, or touchdowns. What do you think, do you think it would matter if a player was openly gay in the NFL?